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  1. Sweet idea
  2. Risk Revulsion Moderators
  3. fog
  4. FeedBack Suggestions on RiskRevulsion
  5. Phantom Mode as Game Scenario or Host Option?
  6. Russia with no Siberia on risk formal discussion.
  7. More units/heros?
  8. Default host settings...
  9. Pre-teaming Report: Aggrolol and AnthonyC
  10. Dawn of Man
  11. Ticked off at "your teaming because you won!"
  12. Challenging u to a showmatch jast.
  13. Risk Revulsion 3.00 Posted Feature Poll
  14. PLZ FIX this already!!!! would make all of the dedicated risk fans <3 u
  15. RISK chanel
  16. Slovenia-Czech border
  17. Evaluation on the State of Risk Revulsion
  18. Sniper
  19. Please Read
  20. Sad to see air units go
  21. about Battlecruiser
  22. Jast in the house--my thoughts
  23. BCs ruined the game
  24. Repair, Cards and Diplomacy
  25. anonymity helps teamers.
  26. how to fix the problem of when game theory optimal decisions are to do nothing?
  27. Any plans to update the map?
  28. Suggestion for Griefers
  29. ocean boats are fucking dumb
  30. Timer
  31. Fog Of War (remove)
  32. Concept UI for Patch 4.00
  33. Mineral Cap/ Army Cap
  34. Mineral Trading in Alliance Mode
  35. Siege Mode
  36. Risk is a Very fun game, but could be so much more
  37. Mute Option
  38. Winning Streak Achievement
  39. Patch 4.00
  40. The New UI
  41. ETA on Achievement implementation?
  42. Currency cap: Too much of a good thing?
  43. Maps
  44. Achievments?
  45. I need anonymous
  46. Official Alliances?
  47. Clan niMa ( a fun risk community)
  48. Risk clan sub-forums?
  49. Question to Risk Legacy creators.
  50. The Illusive Top 100
  51. Idea
  52. Risk Virtitude, take Legacy to the next level!
  53. Hots
  54. Thread Locking
  55. Vassalage System?
  56. Seperating Sardinia and Corsica
  57. My take on the issues (concise and informative) + Solutions!
  58. Guild/Group/Clan Skins
  59. More Card Uses?
  60. Bring back the ability to see the selected units
  61. More Islands in the atlantic ocean
  62. Expanding the land mass in Svalbard and Greenland
  63. Graphs in Post Game Results
  64. Experience system tied to account?
  65. Color code the "Profile" button
  66. An idea for a new unit
  67. Kuwait
  68. Devastastion Markers
  69. Banshees should not have splash.
  70. Vikings should have a slow effect, like marauders.
  71. Debuffs & buffs.
  72. Some final map changes to make the map complete.
  73. Russki needs to fix the game
  74. Dark gray's income is too hard to read on the leaderboard
  75. "General Improvement of the UI"
  76. Three ideas from Bugeater
  77. Suggestions how too stop the downrating
  78. Overhauling the current "How to Play" instructions with a hopefully better one.
  79. Bringing Back Anonymous (sort of, but better)
  80. Ranked/Unranked Idea
  81. There are nukes now?
  82. Base distribution
  83. Nukes, leaving players w/ huge army and other game ruining things
  84. The player colour black
  85. World Map? Other Theatres
  86. Nukes
  87. Income structure + single barracks nations
  88. Units: New, upgrades, buffing, nerfing, etc...
  89. Unit upgrades
  90. Adaptations from Risk Board games
  91. Problems new players face, and POSSIBLE SOLUTION
  92. Upside down view
  93. Team/ VS mode/ Alliance mode
  94. Map and Territory Changes
  95. Feature to reduce preteaming and map design suggestion
  96. Reserve/Mercenary System to augment Barracks/Ports
  97. new'hidden' pathways
  98. Risk ideas to use your brain more!
  99. Objectives
  100. Ravens