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12-01-2011, 08:50 PM
SyCo, saw you went offline earlier, decided to create this thread to compile suggestions regarding general balance/abilities as well as topaz use in classic as well as TvT and FFA games.

All in all, topaz has a lot of potential. It should and probably will add flavor and variety to each game.

These suggestions should be taken with a grain of salt, some/most/all of these will not make it into the game, they are simply things that myself and other MineralZers think would make the game more fun and offer more replay value.

*Night 5 Boss- Brutalisk Twins
One Brutalisk Twin attack changed to range, slower attack to compensate for range.
Effect: Photon Cannons become mandatory, prevents robo spam. Alternatively, thoughtful choking could allow for clever robo use (lengthy, narrow choke with robos on each/one side to attack boss stationed away from wall). Alternatively, you may purchase a graviton beam with topaz to drag the ranged boss into range of your robos (next to wall).

*If above change does not go through, it would be nice for twin boss frames to be targettable to allow people to kill the bosses if overlap among them is an issue.


All Modes

*Chrono Boost- Allow Chrono boost to be used through topaz expense. Currently, other choices are superior to this. Chrono Boost would see more use through this method, as opposed to selection through probe traits.

*Cannons- Cannons have bounce attack (like mutalisks) instead of splash. Upgrades to number of splashes, etc can be purchased with topaz. Splash upgrade for robos purchaseable for high topaz cost.

*Healers- Chain Heal upgrade. If more boss waves spawned multiple bosses/some bosses had ranged attacks(see Brutalisk Twins suggestion), ranged bosses could potentially hit non/wall structures. This upgrade would allow healers to heal multiple structures at once.

*Cooldown Reduction- Spend Topaz to reduce cooldown of selected probe ability by X% of cooldown remaining. (Spectre.1382)

*X Topaz can be spent to regenerate a specific mineral patch.
Effect Offers replenish effect while not requiring players to choose it as their probe attribute, allows teammates to save patches from being mined out by trolls/careless/afk/tabbed players. Furthermore, code would not need to be altered to prevent topaz from spawning in classic.

*X topaz can be spent to increase t8 building capacity by 1. Cost would be extremely high. Self explanatory. t8 tech would still be necessary to build the building. (Spectre // CC:1382)

A)*X Topaz can be spent to fill in a region of map with rocks/invulnerable barricade.
Effect: Less minerals could be spawned during map creation, which would make this necessary to continue mining in some cases, by allowing players access to additional quadrants of the map. Would cost med-high amount of topaz. With topaz not (currently) regenerating, this would not be imbalanced. You could not place this to prevent bosses from hitting your wall, and it wouldn't be accessible early game to function as a wall. Would offer alternative to replenish on insane, too, but would have to cost a lot more.

B) Since you've said you don't like messing around with adding and removing rocks, why not just add a bridge structure to the game? People are technically already doing it with their nexuses, this would be an interesting thing to implement.

*Additional Buildings- Topaz could function (in conjunction with a second resource) to purchase buildings such as Power Amplifiers, Shield Generators (Late Game alternative/supplement to healers?), or Healing Amplifiers.

Team Vs Team

Allied Effects
*Upgrades- Shield Size, Healing Throughput, Generator Output, Cannon bounces/splash radius. These upgrades would only affect any walls/healers/generators you own, not the whole team. Cost would be topaz plus a second resource, such as green for healers, blue for shield(wall), and red for gens.

You could also purchase "one night" effects such as reducing the movement speed, size, or damage of next night's wave.

Enemy Effects
*"Down"grades- similar to allied upgrades, topaz could be spent to decrease the performance of buildings. In order to prevent the game becoming a tug of war by offering the same/equal and opposite effects, these effects would be things such as decreasing the damage reduction of the wall, making heals cost more energy, decreasing cannon damage and reducing the number of structures a generator can power. They should cost topaz plus an unrelated mineral, such as topaz and blue for generators, etc etc. The effects would be temporary and would not stack. It would likely be necessary to be able to remove these effects by spending a certain number of resources such as 10k of each resource or some similar figure.

Other effects that aren't like upgrades you can purchase are sending mini bosses at the enemy, as you had suggested, as well as making refineries grant no income for x nights or simply removing X shield from the enemy wall, which would regenerate, not be a permanent reduction.


Free for All

*I don't really know how many players would be able to play a free for all game or how the map would be divided, but I imagine that it will be based around mini bosses and perhaps purchasing mini bosses to attack other players. One interesting idea is to be able to purchase mercenary defenders and attackers to defend yourself and attack other players, while also having to build cannons and other structures to survive the swarm.

Some of the suggestions I've made for classic and TvT would likely also function well in this game setting.

Please leave comments below with feedback regarding these suggestions or to make related suggestions of your own.