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01-11-2012, 11:00 PM
Im just wondering that your suggested changes on +15 / -10 would even strengthen the problem of imbalanceness. I often tend to have like 100% more kills in the first minutes of the game then the 2. placed, also with best upgrades. In the later stages of the game i often still have highest kill-count , my the power of my army shrinks and shrinks in relation to the army power of my so called "noob-turtlers" who just idle around and dont even kill any neutrals.

You give 10 bounty and do like 10 kills with 1 bounty and any noobplayer who just sits in base and turtles or ganks you, gets like 3-5 kills with 10 bounty. He gets ~ 40 minz, i do get like 10 minz. I now that this principle ( maybe intendet, mb not ?! ) triest very hard to balance the army power of any players. But in the end of the day the noob player often gets so strong units that i have no answer to it, because even when his army is stronger then mine i can outmicro so that i still give 10 bounty and he like 2 and he still gets like 200% or 300% of my total income, which is kinda PARADOX. It tends like letting your own units die (deny-ing exluded) , lets u benefit by letting your bounty low and makes the bounty for enemy units extremely high.

In my eyes the concept of this bounty system is a fail and rasing it to + 15 / -10 would only increase the problem, because my units would offer propably still 10 bounty, whilest enemies would struggle to get like 2 bounty cuz they nearly cant even kill 15 units of mine.

In my opinion also the MAX-bounty setting at start should be like a average value of all choosen values, and the values should be selectable from 0 - 10. The function of your bounty system would then be, if X is the bounty and Y is the amount of killed units and Z is the amount of your units, which died: X = ( 1/15 * Y) - ( 1 /10 * Z) . I Think you have to rethink that function, because it just shows you that the much deaths of noobs benefit to their lower offering bounty which would make the game more unlogically then it already is to me.

Another prove for my theory is that i kill amyn, really many neutrals in some games, like every 10 minutes maybe 100 neutrals? And even with those extra of 200 minz my noob enemies still sometimes catch up on me even though i have more kills then they have or even like 2x or 3x of their amount.

I fell like "the more i micro, the more neutrals i kill, the minz i gather and the heavier i outmicro my enemy, THE MORE I GET PUNISHED BY RAISING MY OWN BOUNTY TO 10 and LOWERING the ENEMIES TO 1"

01-13-2012, 07:33 AM
I hope this gameplay will help you. I'm George. So far I haven't lost a game, turtle techers aren't really too much of a problem to me along as you get your leech/splash up. AND if they seem to be killing off enough of your bounty and benefiting from it... just destroy their gens and suicide your units that way.


Basicly, the idea is not to fight them, just upgrade your base and mass tele if you cant get past their units and attack their gen.


I did have a little trouble in this game actually, so this would probably be most useful to you.