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01-12-2012, 03:22 PM

so i discovered again a funny imbalancement:

Im like always owning the game up like with 800 kills while others have like 200 or 300 and i kill one by one then i discovered 1 turler in the game who didnt upgrade his units at all but only his mainbase.

Base upgrade specs:

+1 HP regeneration ( per what? you have to write 1hp /sec or anything like that)
+1 Energy regeneration (per what ? i guess like +1 energy every 2 seconds? )
+2 armor
+500 hp
+1 damage per shot

Costs are defined as 10+ 7*X , when X is the level of your mainbase. If u want to upgrade it once it costs 17, then 24 then


Well the guy abused the fact that those upgrades are, in my opinion, EXTREMELY cheap for its value and it took me 1 hour and 52 minutes to kill a complete noob, while i always send my units to his base, like after 30minutes we were the only 2 left , so i fought him 1hour 22 minutes.

You either have to downgrade the 3x -usable healing for upgrades ( lets say it can only heal like 5000 or lets say 8000, if u want to be generous) , but the guy i played against nearly had his base on lvl 44 or so and his HQ had around 20,000 hp and he just healed it 3x.

All in all i would say that the power of yor army does NOT rise constantly, at the beginning it gets fast 2x as strong then after a few minutes its doubles again and it takes longer and longer time to make it a bit strong because u only get percentages better WHILE the costs for most upgrades DOUBLES.

For the mainbase it only rizes 7 mineralz per upgrade, but the EFFECTS ARE ENOURMES, 2+ armor 1+ damage 500hp , 1+ hp-reg, 1+ energy-reg. I mean this guy was a complete noob and it took me over 80 minutes to destroy a noobs base ?! what the fuck xD.

MY SUGGESTION: As the state of now the power of the army rizes in time less and less because some upgrades costs double, but the power of the mainbase rizes constantly, cuz the upgrade only costs +7 and doesnt exponentially rize ... like f.e. the cost of ur supply or lets say dmg and hp of army units which also nearly doubles ...

The function of the strength of the mainbase has to be changed from this form:
if Y is the strength of the base and X is the time and M is the gradient:

Y = M * X => as u can see it rizes constantly , becuase the costs doesnt explode and doesnt exponentially rise


Y= suqareroot of (M) * X => strength would still rise, if u pump money into the base, but it wouldnt get imba, cuz with the time the costs also explode same as for the most important upgrades as for the footmen.

ALL i want to say is that i don't want to make bases more weak, cuz im an ggressive player, no not at all, i also like to play differently, try new tactics, BUT this change is crucial, becuase if you let the costs explode with the time for footmen ( which is the attack-component) YOU ALSO HAVE TO DO THAT on the defense-component, which is the Base, because otherwise you create a completely defensive-oriented game, and that is the version 3.7 in my opinion now.

Many people doesnt know that the mainbase can get that strong but just try it yourself, use the shields correct that only costs 50 enegry and you see that your literally incinvible, because of the imbaness of the mainbase.

__________________________________________________ ____________________

I do like the "skills" of the mainbase:

- forcefield, amount is ok, maybe do 5 on that or let it be 3 and then do like every 20 minutes +1 forcefield.

- as i stated out above, the healer which u can use 3x shouldnt be like healing 100% of any building, you could abuse that for healing your 20,000 hp strong base 3x which makes the game endless. I would say if it heals like 5000 or 7000 ITS enough ...

- shields can be casted often, yo either have to decrease the regenartion-time of shields, or you have to increase the costs of shields from 50 energy like to 70 or 80 energy, otherwise the game gets too defensive, in my opion

- Super murloc is good as it is

01-13-2012, 04:46 AM
ahahaha... its like he turned the game into a tower defense... xD
sure man ill add those on the next update.. im trying to finish it today... haven't slept.. lol

2 new maps... 2 modes FFA & TDM 3v3v3... Added new model attachments... new ability... better upgrade dialog and working tooltips... etc...

and again thanks.. ill get back to this thread again once i get to this part of the update...

01-13-2012, 10:42 AM
Base armour needs to be +1 per upgrade and turret needs to be +2-3 dmg per second so people cant do this. http://www.mediafire.com/?x7fije5nyuj5teu BUT they can still kill it at end game. Also, this turret is not OP or IMBA, because armour seems to be purely to protect yourself against the turret.