View Full Version : My Sugestion

01-15-2012, 01:39 AM

first off thx for a great map.

My first suggestion is to improve the max armor to 3 or 4 per base upgrade,
i mean after 30 min fighting with the highest bounty enemy i can destroy anybody in 2 rushes that take 1 min.
Second are all the weapon upgrades working together?
splash with leech and frost and so on...
Third, it would be to put tool tips on the weapon enchants like frost what does it do exactly?
like does it slow down your opponent or does it slow down your weapon speed for how long and how much?
Forth would be to double the generators life.
Fifth would be to spam every 5 min higher valuable animals
like 1-5 min 1-2 gold 6-10 min 3-4 gold 11-15 5-6 gold
and with version x.4 its almost impossible to get to 4 bounty
highest ive seen was 3 in 5 games.
its nice to have a bounty like that, but almost every game there are only 2 or 3 ppl which have a higher bounty then 1
it should be like that 45% should have 2 bounty 25% 1 bounty and 20% 3 bounty and the best 10% 4 bounty