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01-15-2012, 05:05 PM
Hi to all, and thanks for this great map.

This map is really funny and interesting, but many of you had noticed it's really easy. I can won very easily reaching what i call "god of war" using specific upgrade schedule and some tactics depending on scenarios. So yes, the game is quite balanced, but also easy. Let me explain how i win 100% times as an introduction of my suggestions that will follow this post (even with an afk and a leaver as teammates):


Initially, i dont attack anyone, just kill creeps. I make 2 groups of 5 men, and kill creeps in 2 areas. I dont mind if the others attack me, that's good for later.

I research every tech 1 level, in order in fact, then i focus on attack speed and damage for minerals, and lifesteal for gas as primary stats while life points and bash as secondary (from time to time i do some upgrade), and lvl 3 armor before attacking others. No more needed, but as you wish.

Ok, here it comes what's important: I attack someone, all the time, no matter he kills me. That will increase bounty. At some point, it will be worthy. Then, when i get the upper hand, in a wave when i kill his unit, i focus on generators, no matter if i just scratch them and he kills me. Why? his bounty keeps higher than mine, cause i kill as many of his units as him from me. At some point, trust me, you will easily kill him. Always happens. Just keep him expending his mana for shields, his containers and his murloons.

After killing some players, you will have full speed, a decent damage (8-10), and nice hp (5-7) with almost full steallife (8-9) some bash and critical. Then you become god of war. You can kill 2 generators of the same player with same units cause fast attack and life steal. You just focus on killing his actual units, and then, no matter whan, generator. You can have a really nice techs but being not the most bounty guy. You pwnd them totally, with 2 containers surrounding each of your generators. Game become really easy, and many gamers just wonder who fed you.

01-15-2012, 05:41 PM
Ok, now my suggestions:

If the game is too easy (and while no proplayers arises it is), pro players will get tired and bored. You need more stuff to make it funnier, with different nice strategys and allowing for more imagination. Here some balancements that my be possible:

1.- When you upgrade some tech, increase the cost of all others of the same kind, no matter which level they are, +1mineral (if the upgraded tech was mineral) or +1vespene (if otherwise). This makes that if you research a couple of techs only, really expensive to upgrade later others, cause cost of next level is (must be) a multiplier of actual cost. This will make you focus on a few techs and leave the others. If you do so, you must balance all the techs initial cost and efficiency. In example, the armor must be similar to the weapon damage. It must cost the same and be more or the less same performance. A cheap tech that you must upgrade a lot to make it worthy will make other techs really expensive. Unbalanced.

2.- Income. People will get tired soon of having to kill manually the creeps. You can make them unfriendly for autotargeting, but this will give a lot of power to some players, and mess with battles (you can give small priority anyhow). My idea: Income spots.
You can make 1 income spot per player (outside base, anyone can use) and a timer that you can vote (20seconds, 30s, 45s). When the timer expires, you will get minerals = present footmen on all spots. This way you can attack some player and come back before the timer expires for income bonus. You can't have 1 footmen killing chickens, cause 1 footmen will provide you only 1 mineral. I know this will change the playing experience too much, but may it be worthy, don't know. They only think i know is that killing chicken is getting boring. The income spots will make players try to remove enemys from their spots before timer expires, but they will lose income if they fail. Will make game quite more challenging.

3.- More income: A tech that provides you some income everytime a 30s timer expires. You will need 10 ticks (5 minutes) to recover actual investment, but may it be worthy.

4.- Rewrite of the bounty. As i told you, you can use bounty to your advantage, and it rocks. In my opinion, there are, at least, 2 things that can be done:
-Team Bounty: For TDM bounty is in a bad shape. Must be Teamed, not player by player. This will help when a team focus on 1 player at a time. Cause actually doing so, will make the bounty of the banged player really high (making lots of kills) while the other team low (slightly more deads). Finally the gang will beat the ganged because of the bounty bonus.
-Individualized bounty: If a player is killing a noob and is getting tons of kills, his bounty will be high, and i can take that into my benefit. That's why bounty is there, i know, but it is troublesome, cause killing footmen isn't helpfull. The primary target is to kill his bunker, and i do not attempt that until some techs. That's why i can pawn others so easily. My suggestion: You get individualized bountys that go higher more easily, cause is taking in mind just kills from/to 1 player. Also initial bounty should be higher, and going down/up easier, so initially get's more usefull to rush than to roast like chicken those creeps.

5.- Leavers. It's unfair that some players leaves when you are killing them. I think that you should give control to creep, that may have decent tech (lvl5 to everything?) and a bouty always 1. That may work.

6.- Forcefields: Actually, at some point, forcefields are totally wastefull. I kill them so easily... I think they should get benefit from armor and life upgrades. That at least. Some change needed.

7.- Murloons: They should provide a really nice bounty, like 50 minerals at least. I kill a lot of them XD

01-16-2012, 01:31 AM
1. upgrading them to max is already impossible... lol...but ill play with it and see if i can do it without making them more impossible to buy...

2. i already added income to the naga tower.. x2 of ur bounty every 15 secs. i forgot to add it for TDM... but ill add it on the next version

3. ill think of ways to do that.. timer income is boring and used by almost all maps... maybe spawn a dragon at mid with a huge bounty? lol... dragons fit the game... dragon slayer mode? xD

4. did u post this before the new bounty system?.. team bounty is a very good idea.. ill add that

5. ill add a few sec delay before the base is removed from the game. (no ai, means leaving player will just feed)

6. with the new update.. you can recharge them by destroying enemy generators... i think if fine the way it is..
lets say that the player killed 7 generators..
4 used and protecting his generator and 3 extra incase someone breaks them or expires... isnt that enough and too imba? xD
i made it this way to stop players from farming/camping in their bases and just attack each other... less boring and more fights

7. imba player getting more income... xD lol... i dont think that a good idea... this will only make the game a Hit or Miss...
but ill be adding achievements soon... this will unlock skin attachments... kill 10-20 murlocs to unlock something?

01-16-2012, 02:01 PM
Those players who attack one to each other dont get feeded properly.

I saved a replay where you can see how it works upgrading attack speed to max (lvl10) with decent life and also weapon (lvl8-10). You pawn them without having greatest bounty. Why? well, what i do is just send waves again and again. I kill her main forces, i put my remaining forces at on corner and kill generator. Initially you do it slowly, you have to send many waves before killing 1st generator, and starting to do that after some techs (my desired tech level before attacking is 1 at everything, armour 3, attack 3, health 2 and speed 3-4. At vespene techs, 1 for everything and the rest for stealife.). at some point, after killing 3-5 bases, you will be able to split forces killing 2 generators 1 wave, and at another point, you can kill 4 generators with 1 wave cause when 527 life points and maxed attackspeed and steallife you survive after explosion.

From this, another suggestion: Increased bounty for killing generators (+1 minimal, maximal and actual bounty for each generator that you destroy. That may work!!!)