View Full Version : PMF Changelog ( Version 4.7 Beta )

01-15-2012, 11:43 PM
Force Field starting charge: 1 (max charges: 3)
Better Terrain for Map 2
And another attempt to fix the upgrade bug.. again (please tell me if its still buggy)
Capturing the Naga Tower will now give you x2 of your Bounty every 15 sec.

01-16-2012, 12:06 AM

Having only 1 forcefield at start is a good idea, i would say for every kill of a generator you get 1 extra charge and lets say every 30 minutes 1+ as well. And i would raise the maximum to 5.


-aren't buggy anymore since version 4.6, you fixed that

I like to see that u picked up my idea of such a mineral-providing station. Can you explain please, how it exactly works?
Do the 15sec have to be at once, or can you leave it after 8 sec and if you come back later you get the first bounty after 7sec, or is it resettet everytime you leave the tower? What happens if enemy units enter to the tower? Do both parties get the bounty or only the one who activated it? Im gunna test it now and report the results.

What do u mean by "press i" ?

P.S.: Good work, keep it going, PMF will be the best funmap of sc2 ever xD.

Edit 1: Okay i played the map 3x and i can say that the counter for the 15sec in xel-naga-tower does continue its counting when you leave after 8 sec and come later again and do 7 sec, you get a bounty-bonus, thats good.

I like the version 4.7 gets more and more fun, map is very funny. Tell me how u think about that hero-feature we talked about ^^.

01-16-2012, 01:49 AM
Thanks.. had fun my self... xD
what do u think about the "Temple" terrain... is it good or bad taste? lol...

"""What do u mean by "press i" ?""" ----------------- did you try it?...lol