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01-16-2012, 04:38 PM
Hi, I've played the map a few times (as it's the only custom map that people seem to be playing this week) and found the overall idea of the game cool, but it always felt like there was only 1 way to win.

In all the games I've played, the game reaches a point where I do no damage against enemies and they manage to kill me in 1 or 2 hits. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to change this either. In my first game I tried to get a little bit of everything (as everyone does when they play something for the first time) and got horribly owned. My next few games I started to notice a little more success when I favoured certain stats over others, abandoning upgrades such as ice and fire. In my most recent game I didn;t go for anything superfluous, attack/attack speed/armor and crits/life steal/splash. It seemed like this combination made sense, and I got them all relatively high by the end of the game... until an enemy team ran into my base and killed my entire army without losing a single troop.

It seems to me extremely unbalanced when I can try out all these different things but the universal rule is I get trounced eventually in every scenario. Is there just 1 build that always beats everything else? Because if there is (which is what it feels like atm) then there's no point in playing in the first place.

01-16-2012, 09:47 PM
Was me who enetered your base?

Yes, i understand this, because i think many players must feel frustrated when facing me.

But is not only which tech now and which tech then, is also a tru master of the exploids of this map. I mean, initially, i don't face enemys. I split my forces in 2 teams for killing creeps at 2 spots and improve spawning rate to fight back if someone attacks me to feed them, and their bounty.

Once you get decent techs, you must rush for generators, no matter what. If you kill many generators, this will allow you to improve faster and faster, while your units dieing improves the bounty of your enemy, who sometimes you better kill for money.

I dont know if i explained properly, but most of the times i become "god of war", with units 1k hp, maxed speed attack and steal life and with lvl 10 for weapons and nice bash and critical, so i can kill even muurloons under shields, and forcefields only contains me for 1 second or 2.

Thinks that can make this happening, is killing a generator increase my bounty and lower the bounty of generator's owner, forcefield increase life and armor with techs, increased explosion damage and radius with damage levels,... Too many changes...

I think here the point is not making the same game as in Warcraft, but something better. Hope they get it

01-16-2012, 10:18 PM
theres no "1 build that always beats everything else" or atleast for me... you can always do something about it...

if player enemy has bash as most upgraded...
get bash too and frost to lower his bash chances...

bash or frost is good with almost any combined
crit best with splash
bash good with speed (+lifesteal)
damage + crit
shield helps block imba damage or crits

my fav build is this
early game "splash+crit" (speed + damage) lvl 4-5 all
mid game "lifesteal+bash) (hp+armor) lvl 5-7 all
late game "frost" then increase all of them as high as you can

01-16-2012, 11:14 PM
Mine is:

1st: one to everything (including spawn rate and supply, i keep extra footman bussy on middle temple)
2nd: armor and steal lvl 3
3rd: HP, dmg, speed, bash, frost, fire and crit lvl 3
4th: At this point, do speed upgrades as much as you can, do damage or HP when speed cost is 128 and you dont get enough, but need to upgrade, upgrade steal to max even if you need to save gas.
5th: Once attackspeed and steallife is maxed, damage is 7-8, healthpoints is 5-6, do damage or healthpoint upgrdes, what ever you feel you need the most, and bash+freeze. You will own them if you reach 4th point fast enough and keep focussing on generators and/or high-bounty enemyfootmen