View Full Version : BEFORE game starts BUGS

01-16-2012, 11:18 PM
small map-choosing bug:

The new map has always 9 votes on it already before any1 voted. I think it would be better if all maps start with 0 counts when u start voting for them.

Position on map choosing bug:

Sometimes players simply cant click on a position where they want to spwan. It happens often, that when 8 players picked their position, the 9. player cant pick the last one, it remains gray and everyone has to wait the 60sec down ...

Make it fix that if 8 players chose their map, that the 9. player gets automatically the last map and the game starts, big time-waste with that always 60sec running down.

BTW reduce that choosing-time for the map, the position on the map and the skill/abilities all down to 20 seconds. Thats more then enough, 60 sec or 30sec is a joke.