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01-17-2012, 09:52 PM
This is golden chicken:

There is a gold chicken that is spawn randomly in a part of the map, even in the middle of a player's area, in a reachable land (maybe buildable terrain) and everyone can see it (1 range view), and looks like enemy, so footman autotarget. If a player kills it, it gets 1 mineral/gas the first time the chicken it's killed, 2 the 2nd time is killed (no matter was you or another player), and so... so the bigger the times is killed, the bigger the bounty is. Can get interesting. Even if 1 chicken present is to few, and it's proven is fun, you can add more chickens next upgrade. Try it, must be nice. Try to catch the chicken.

New mode: No income or "The Slaughterhouse mode"

This mode changes gameplay a lot. There is no income by killing creeps, generators or bases. Just by killing other footman (and maybe having the temple). Supply upgrades get doubled (each upgrade +2 supply) to allow 20 footmen each player affordable, and bounty grows limitless. Melees will be everywhere, all the time, and biggest bounty player will suffer a lot!

01-17-2012, 11:32 PM
golden chicken: its a nice idea...ill add it.. but what model do you suggest? since its your idea why not choose your self...

The Slaughterhouse mode: its nice but a bit unbalance and shortens the game... or is that what u really want?
since its a faster game why not just remove creeps,generators, and naga tower? not just bounty.. +2 supply will surely make it a SlaughterHouse...

ill surely add this mode... thanks...

01-17-2012, 11:48 PM
Golden chicken:

I think its a great idea, but im not so conviced if its a good idea that player autoattack it ... I would set it up as neutral, which you have to right- or a-click to attack, otherwise it would be too easy.

For the Bounty the chicken gives i suggest the function, if X is the bounty and T the playtime in minutes: X = 2 x T , for example in minute 1 the bounty would be 2, in minute 4 it be 8, in minute 10 it would be 20.

The chicken should be like not visible for a long time, but maybe only for 3 seconds, so that you can see, where the spwaning point is , and then the chicken can move around a bit. Make the chicken really small, like only half the size of a neutral, so that its not too easy to catch it, will be more fun ^^.

If the chicken is killed it spawns in the next beginning minute, f.e. if its killed @ 03:29 seconds, it spwans @ 4 minutes again.

Gold chicken summed up:

- only visible 3 sec, then fog of war appears
- is really small and runs a bit around
- bounty is X = 2 x T
- ONLY spwans again after being killed in the next beginning minute
- is neutral and has to be attack manually