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01-18-2012, 01:23 AM
Hi. I must tell this. I hate my last games. And there is a reason why, and in the end i suggest a very interesting idea that may balance things quite a lot, and must be easy to implement.

Well, what i can say, i promise, this is not a note for my ego, but i just owned the game. Anyhow, i explained my strategy, hoping many players will improve theirs.

Now many times i'm loosing, but in a way i totally dislike. My last game was quite frustrating. Why? It was a FFa, and my 2 neighbours were, for sure, friends, who ganged me all the time coordinating strikes. I mean, every time they attacked me, were they togheter. They do not allow me to kill creeps, and that creeped me out :D And anyhow, i was better than them, but when i attack one, the other came fast for my generator. I kill one of theirs before they could kill one of mine. Once i lost my mana, my muurloons, and i got bounty 2 when they only 1,... i had to resign.

Here is the point: When 2 players gang from early 1 player, ok, you can tell they are noobs, that's for sure. If i were not behind them, i will kill them for the time they killd 2nd player, because that strategy really hurts your initial eco, if the defending player is decent, like me. But anyhow, the strategy works quite well, cause the attacked got twice kills than deads, so at some point his bounty gets high enough to make it worthy.

So the solution can come in 2 ways, both interesting to implement:
-cooldown timer:
In coolddonwn timer, the initial, lets say, 3 minutes, every kill you do and every dead you get counts both for upgrading your bounty. The more aggressive you get the initial minutes, the worst for you. I was thinking in something like that, an initial cooldowntimer that penalties attacking. Dont know if there can be a better idea.

-Defender kills:
Kills done under the influence of your bunker does not count for upgrading your bounty, but deads count for lowering.

01-18-2012, 08:29 AM
Errrm funny theory, but i can disprove it: watch the replay 3 from that game: http://www.udmod.com/showthread.php?2250-Replay-section

All your basically saying is that you don't want to get owned by rushers / ganking early rushers ... what the heck you think we have shields and MURLOCs for (yes its murloc not "muurloon"). If used wiseley, you can turn any disadvantage into an huge advantage ... just watch the frkn replay.

01-18-2012, 02:48 PM
The basic thing you should do in this situation is set your rally point to one of their bases, up your unit spawn and feed them untill they are 5 bounty.

then proceed to fight back against the 5 bounty one and ignore the 1 bounty if possible. you will then become stronger than both of them combined easily. oh, and btw. 2 people beating one person is not imba.

01-18-2012, 04:14 PM
dude I think you're just pissed bc more people play this game and u're starting get owned regularly :D

live with it

01-18-2012, 04:19 PM
I had the same feeling during reading his post. :cool:

01-18-2012, 08:34 PM
Yea, i know im not that good player. Im 32 years old, and when i stated playing warcraft 1 wasnt that "mouse" thing, so is no so naturally like for other people. I WAS good because the game maked sense for me in the beggining, now many players are better than me because they micromanage much better. In fact, many know i gave tips when they asked and were gratefull to me, and i did for the good of the game, nothing about my ego.

Also, i know there must be tactics that pro players can use to balance, but anyhow, you are accepting is fine to not let a player do absolutely nothing that he may like to have fun, because 2 players, in a FFA (this is important), ganged 1.

Im just telling, something must be done for the good of the FUN in this game, nothing else.

P.D.: I dont watch replays, just play for fun or post on forums and go have beers with friends to socialize myself. Dont have a strong will in being #1. In fact i felt frustrated the first days when noone could face me, and now im really interested in the game cause every day is getting more challenging, and yes, im losing pretty much 50% of the times. I will love it when, playing FFA, i win just 1/9 if the times. That would be fun

01-20-2012, 01:58 PM
Now is getting imbalanced again, cause i learnt to sent units to die at those players who rushed me, so i keep their units bussy while i creep with a couple of units till they get bounty = 3.

Is not working if someone else, with bigger tech than me, is attacking the 3 bounty player who i feed before i do. Anyhow, worked almost all of the time. You feed someone, you kill him later. Just post for people to know.