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01-18-2012, 08:39 PM
Ok guys, here is my new idea:

The game can be played on FFA and TDM. Why you can't join with your team in the game, and if TDM enabled, allow fixed locations so your team does not get splitted?

And about voting, why not a "random map" option? In the beggining, many times were selected the linear and the simplicity options, now none, just temple. Also for linear map, random placement should be choosen, for the greater good.

Voting for options can be deleted, noone is choosing that. I like every feature. You save some time for the voting system if you remove it.

Thanks for reading

01-19-2012, 02:33 AM
the others maps are not finished... the line map is for a new gamemode ill be adding soon... and for achievements ofc...

ill do something about the team splitting... i* might add a delay before "choose base" is enabled.. this will give you time to tell others that you already have a team or something... if its not a perfect fix for the prob... then ill think of something else...

01-19-2012, 11:43 AM
I have as well a squad or trio, with those 2 or 3 guys i played sometimes in FFA game , the TDM-mode, its kinda easy to pick any team location you want. If i was with 2 guys around we made up to pick all the left spots for example. If you just want to play tweam, why dont u simply join the 3vs3 / 4vs4 maps of PiMP MY FOOTMAN ?

The only "new idea" u have coolbeer, is to enable the option "random map", which i think is a good idea for a 4th choice @ the stage at the map-choosing. BUT don't get mad, if many players pick the Temple-map , in my opinion its by far the most entertaining and funniest map. Its very balanced , much more balanced then the line-map, where ur fucked if ur at one end of the line, cuz u dont get much kills there.

I Don't really know what your problem is coolbeer, i played many games wih friends in FFA mode, when TDM mode was picked there, and we always got our 3 locations, by simply agreeing before on what side we would pick .. top left or right, it wasn't that hard.

01-20-2012, 01:56 PM
Well, is not that hard to allow join in teams in the lobby. And is not only to allow to stay with your mates, also to allow you join togheter with them forming a group before joining lobby. There are many reasons why do that.

And yes, the temple map is the funnier. For the simplicity, i think something must be rewriten, so it is a all-vs-middle, with the middle player having some bonus (attack and defense) at his base, and others having their bounty only increased (not counting deads for lowering) limitless. And for the line, it can be interesting if you can only attack/getattacked by neighbours, so you have to kill 1 neighbour before attacking next one, placed at random when line map, some teleport from top to bottom (so it's like circular, and some improvements. Then maybe is real fun. But as long as disturbed will have his own life and other stuff to do before all of this,... just talking, ok?