View Full Version : Altruism lol

01-26-2012, 02:28 PM
well TDM sucks, but if you play it, at least be a team player.

So when two allies attack a base, and the base gets destroyed - nobody should receive $, as a punishment for being naughty :P

01-26-2012, 04:12 PM
I could'nt disagree more...

TDM is good but still not fully developped as it is now. Repair and force fields on allied bases are great and enhance team play a lot but I think that when a base is killed then the money should be shared between all the players of the team... I often share my money with my team myself...

And for noobs to learn the game TDM is better than FFA because in that last mod they are only food. I have got a good team to play with and it is a lot more fun than FFA which is very luck based. Good players tend to leave when they know that other good players are on the map and they couldnt get a perfect start (basically no neighbours or a noob...).

Dunno what will happen with this map but I really hope that it will evolve for the better, now it is very hard to find players and it is ironic to see that the 4v4 team map is the most played now and this map is not intended to be played by an even number of players... this is quite going nowhere... Wait and see.

Happy gaming.