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    Default [HERO] - Dark Striker

    The Dark Striker is the blademaster of PMF, the pendant to the old wc3's "yurnero":

    I like the wc3 models very much, but if you want to stick to WOW take one of them:

    Abililty 1:
    Active - Windwalk

    Lets the Dark Striker be invisible for 20/30/40/50 seconds .He gets revealed after the 1. hit on enemy which does 30/100/250/350 extra damage.

    [Should cost like 25% of the mana pool at start of the hero.]

    Abililty 2:
    Passive - Critical strike

    Does 2x / 3x / 4x / 6x of the normal dagmage, all chances are set fix to 15%.
    [thats oriented to the wc3-style]

    Ability 3: Active - Illusionate

    The Dark Striker creates 2/ 3 / 5 / 7 illusions of himself, which do only deal 30% of the damage of the true Dark striker, but they take 200% damage.

    [just divide they armor by 2 , to let them get inflicted 200% damage]

    ALTERNATIVE Ability 3:] Active - Berserk'S Call

    Forces every Enemy unit within a range of 6 to attack the blademaster for at least 3 seconds.

    Ability 4: Ultimate - Bladestorm

    The Bladestorm inflicts 70/110/200/ 330 damage per second , in an area of effect of 3 around the blademaster , lasts 5 seconds.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    My commentary: I think it would be awesome, to let have the heroes 3 abilities + 1 ULTIMATE ABILITY, which is unlock-able after reaching lvl 6.

    You can upgrade every ability like 4x , and you can choose between using an boost to the attributes, lets say strength, agility and intelligence. And if u spend the level-point on that yellow cross, you get +3str,+3agi, +3 int

    Last edited by Neo777; 01-17-2012 at 03:58 PM.

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    Did you just copy paste a war3 hero.. lol... but its one of fav heroes in war3 though... abilities 1 2 4 fits PMF but 3 is too dotaish and a bit imba... free instant units... xD
    anyways let me finish a dummy hero first, then use it as a template for all posted heroes...

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    Uhmm, i simply like the concept of a samurai in this middleage sort of game. To be perfectly honest, i have no idea about the values for each skills in war3, since i didnt play war3 for like for like 4 years, i just tiped in things, which i thought would fit the game best.

    About the 3. Ability, but yeah that power goes with all skills, you have to use them wiseley to take profits from them, the illusions, as i said only deal 30% damage and do take therefore 200% damage. If you sum that up you get to a damage of 15% and i think 15% for a fast dying illusion isn't imba at all. Everyone has the hero so it isnt imba anyways, cuz everyone has the same chances.

    I posted an alternative Ability 3 for that hero.

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